Our Staff


  • Nicole Peltier-Lewis
    Nicole Peltier-Lewis Principal
  • Richard Kightlinger
    Richard Kightlinger Assistant Principal / Art
  • Coretta Streat
    Coretta Streat Assistant Principal / Curriculum and Instruction
  • Kay Langenbacher
    Kay Langenbacher Office Manager
  • Sheikel Holly
    Sheikel Holly Admissions Director
  • Shanette Williams
    Shanette Williams Administrative Assistant


  • Becky Gardner
    Becky Gardner Pre-K 3 & 4
  • Makaya Scott
    Makaya Scott Kindergarten
  • Reiza Pabillaran
    Reiza Pabillaran 1st Grade
  • Sara Barrett
    Sara Barrett 2nd Grade
  • Oscar Nunez
    Oscar Nunez 3rd Grade
  • D’Jate Sterling
    D’Jate Sterling 4th Grade
  • Albert Saguibo
    Albert Saguibo 5th Grade
  • Joanne Saguibo
    Joanne Saguibo 6th Grade & Math
  • Vernon Smith
    Vernon Smith 6th Grade & Social Studies
  • Kito Lewis
    Kito Lewis 7th Grade & Religion
  • Allishea Faulkner
    Allishea Faulkner 8th Grade / Language Arts
  • Eliana Noguera
    Eliana Noguera Spanish
  • Shirley Printis
    Shirley Printis Music
  • Catherine Hyde
    Catherine Hyde Latin
  • Antonieta Soviero
    Antonieta Soviero Aide
  • Lee Maksymiec
    Lee Maksymiec Aide
  • Charlotte Artis
    Charlotte Artis Aide
  • Mesi Tekle
    Mesi Tekle Religion / Aide

Academic Support Coaches

  • Peggy Doyle
    Peggy Doyle Global Academic Support Coach
  • Jasmine Hailu
    Jasmine Hailu Academic Support Coach
  • Marquis Powell
    Marquis Powell Academic Support Coach
  • Chiquita Roberson
    Chiquita Roberson Academic Support Coach
  • Catherine Savory
    Catherine Savory Academic Support Coach
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